Asphalt pavements that are not properly maintained will be exposed to harsh elements that create costly repairs.

Poblocki Paving of Wisconsin offers Sealcoating Services

Properly sealcoated asphalt surfaces are protected from the harmful elements of sun, oxidation, weather, water, oil and gas by protecting the asphalt surface with a highly durable pavement coating.

New asphalt has a very deep black color and over time will turn gray from the elements.

The sun, ultraviolet rays, heat, cold, rain and snow will cause the asphalt to dry out and lose the tar and bitumen that provided its flexible properties leaving a surface that will crack and deteriorate creating costly repairs and reducing the life of your pavement.

Protect and Preserve

Sealcoating can be applied for a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing an existing asphalt surface. Sealcoating is an economical way to safeguard your asphalt investment. Effective seal coating maintenance programs can significantly increase the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot or driveway avoiding costly repairs.

We specialize in JENNITE® mix designs to achieve the performance your asphalt investment needs. We offer primer coatings to improve adhesion of sealer on older or polished asphalt pavements. Our sealcoating equipment is capable of mixing and applying materials containing 3-10 lbs. of aggregates per gallon in a uniform and even coat.

With JENNITE® you get more than the industry's leading product, you get a professional contractor who is trained to apply a complete "Asphalt Pavement Maintenance System" - guaranteed!

Jennite Pavement Sealer

Jennite is a premium quality pavement coating composed of refined coal tar that is fortified with rubber prior to emulsification. This high-solids product has been the standard of excellence in asphalt pavement maintenance since 1938.

Tarconite Pavement Sealer

Tarconite is a concentrated refined coal tar emulsion specifically formulated as a weather protective, gas and oil resistant coating over bituminous pavements of airports, parking lots and driveways.

Jennite AE Pavement Sealer

Jennite AE is a concentrated, polymer-modified asphalt emulsion that does not contain coal tar, has no odor and low VOCs.

PaveShield Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealer

PaveShield is a concentrated, modified asphalt emulsion specifically formulated as a weather protective, water resistant coating over the asphalt pavements of airports, parking lots and driveways.

J485 Pavement Sealer

J485 is a concentrated coal tar emulsion sealer that exhibits outstanding wear resistance and is highly resistant to gasoline, oil and ultraviolet light, providing superior protection for asphalt pavement.

Proven Quality

From private drives to 2 million square feet of asphalt our sealcoating programs have proven to be the perfect solution for thousands of customers in metro Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.

We only use the highest quality pavement sealers in the industry.

Proven Products

  • Jennite
  • Tarconite
  • J485
  • Jennite AE
  • PaveShield


It is very important to avoid watering, washing or using sprinklers for at least 24 hours before and after your asphalt surface has been sealcoated. Please remove any motor or recreational vehicles from the area before your scheduled appointment.

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On all sealcoating projects, we will evaluate your asphalt surface and provide the best solution.

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