Infrared Patching

Poblocki Paving Infrared Asphalt MaintenanceInfrared asphalt patching liquefies the existing asphalt cement that binds the stones together.

We provide year round asphalt repairs using Infrared patching and hot mix asphalt to commercial accounts, property managers and residents in south eastern or south central Wisconsin.

Infrared repairs are superior over the traditional methods of saw cut, remove and replace because the asphalt is liquefied and bonds the asphalt cement and stones together. Once the pavement has reached the correct temperature, the heater is then removed and a steel rake square's the area around the damaged surface to scarify the asphalt. Virgin asphalt is then added to the repair to bring the area up to grade. The new asphalt is then compacted, ensuring a watertight seamless patch.

Infrared patching also prevents dirt and water from penetrating into the base causing more pavement damage and expensive repairs.

Infrared repairs are proven to be more efficient, longer lasting and a cost effective way of repairing asphalt.

Traditional Repairs

The problem with traditional asphalt repairs, even with the proper preparation and compaction is that they can still allow water to penetrate to the base causing more damage to your asphalt surface.

  • R & R Patching
    • Remove & Replace involves saw cutting beyond the deteriorated or broken asphalt. The material is then removed and the base repaired.
    • Once the new base has been compacted the vertical surfaces are cleaned, tacked and the area filled with hot mix asphalt and compacted.
    • Using hot applied crack sealer on the saw cuts after the patch has been completed can stop water from draining into the base.
  • Skin Patching
    • Skin patching is applied over your existing asphalt. A tack coat is applied to the repair area first and then patched with material that usually consists of a finer sand aggregate to facilitate feathering the edges into the existing asphalt.
  • Cold Patch
    • Cold patch is usually applied directly to potholes with little or no preparation work. Cold patch repairs are normally used for an emergency short term fix.

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Infrared Advantage

We can repair potholes, sinkholes and trip hazards efficiently and permanently year round with our Infrared asphalt heaters and hot mix asphalt.

  • Winter Repairs
  • Alligator Areas
  • Bird Baths
  • Broken Areas
  • Oil Spots
  • Potholes
  • Sinkholes
  • Speed Bumps
  • Trip Hazards

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