Crack Sealing

Poblocki Paving Corp provides Asphalt Maintenance with Crack Sealing

Joints or cracks in pavement, whether it is an asphalt parking lot, driveway or path, that are not properly crack sealed can cause premature deterioration of the surface.

The main purpose of crack sealing in asphalt or concrete is to protect your pavement from premature failure.

Unsealed cracks allow water and debris to flow into the crack opening. Water will create a weakened base, sub-base and surface resulting in alligator cracking and load related failures. Debris can cause the edges of the cracks to push up due to expansion from thermal changes.

For the best in crack sealing, routing creates a sealant reservoir by enlarging the cracks to a specified depth and width allowing the sealant that is now adhered to the walls to expand and contract during thermal changes in the surface pavement.

Routine crack sealing maintenance not only makes your asphalt surface look good, it:

  • Saves you money by extending the life of your asphalt.
  • Prevents unsightly weed growth.
  • Stops water from entering the base under the paved surface which leads to potholes, sinkholes and heaving from freezing.
  • Routed cracks stay sealed three to four times longer than cracks that are not.

Asphalt Maintenance

The primary cause of asphalt deterioration is from weathering, water, oxidation and the detrimental effects of petroleum products.

Our preventative maintenance programs can significantly increase the lifespan of your asphalt.


It is very important to avoid watering, washing or using sprinklers for at least 24 hours before the pavement has been crack sealed.

Please remove any motor or recreational vehicles from the area before your scheduled appointment.

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