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Contact us for information on solar reflective coatings that meet LEED standards and can earn LEED credits.

Asphalt's high recycling rate delivers a cost effective and environmentally friendly sustainable solution for Wisconsin businesses and home owners.

FAQs on Asphalt Paving, Infrared Patching and Asphalt Pavement Maintenance.

What are the advantages of choosing asphalt?

Paving with asphalt significantly cuts project times and eliminates the long curing times of concrete. Asphalt is ready for traffic right after it is compacted and cooled. Asphalt pavements are 100% recyclable and is the most recycled product in America – more than newspaper, aluminum cans or glass.

Some paving companies promise the lowest price. Why should I select Poblocki?

Our focus is on long lasting quality. We never cut corners on materials, time or workmanship. The result is that our work lasts longer and retains its appearance better than that of our competitors.

Can you repair my existing driveway?

Yes, Poblocki Paving does expert repairs on driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls,culverts and much more.

Can you perform asphalt repairs in the winter?

We can repair potholes, sinkholes and trip hazards permanently this winter with our Infrared asphalt heaters and hot mix asphalt.

How does infrared seamless patching work?

Infrared repair utilizes your existing asphalt to provide a virtually seamless patch that provides thermal bonding of the old and new asphalt.
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What should I do before you sealcoat my driveway or parking lot?

It is very important to avoid watering, washing or using sprinklers for 24 hours before and after the pavement has been sealcoated. Please remove any motor or recreational vehicles from the area before your scheduled appointment.

How long should I stay off my recently sealcoated driveway?

A minimum of 24 hours is usually required after the work has been completed. When the weather is extremely hot and humid we recommend a minimum of 2-3 days before using your driveway. If you are home while our crew is present ask what they would recommend as the optimum wait time or please call our office.

Why are there white stains on my freshly sealed asphalt?

Unfortunately it is not uncommon to see white stains on freshly sealed asphalt. The stains can come from natural compounds found in water, gravel and soil, also mineral salts can dry on the surface from water run off.

Do you provide snow plowing, salting and ice control services?

We provide complete snow plowing, snow salting, ice control, snow removal and relocation services in the metro Milwaukee and Madison area. 
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Poblocki Paving is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Poblocki Paving is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment.

We expect all of our employees, visitors, subcontractors and suppliers to follow our safety policies and to share our commitment to a safe work environment.

We are continuously improving the safety of our work environment by investing in our people, equipment and our facilities for an accident free work zone.